Sunset Policy for Software Ripoff

I would guess that most of you are probably wondering what Sunset Policy and Software have in Common,

So I will attempt to explain. Sunset Policy on a SoftwareProgram means that the Software only has a certain period of time before it is no longer supported Online by the Software Manufacturer. Generally this period is from 1 to 3 years or 2 versions back. Depending on the Software Manufacturer. If you don’t upgrade to a newer version of the Software, then you may not be able to protect or download your data or continue using the Online features of the software.

It is kind of like a Forced subscription (Legal Extortion) as far as I am concerned. Here is a good example. Quicken 2002 software has a life cycle 2 versions back, Before Sunsetting or Killing the online services for that software.

See Quickens Sunsetting FAQ Here

This means that if your Quicken Software has expired, and you can�t download your bank statement or use online checking. Then you are forced to buy Intuits (Quickens) latest version (forced upgrade). Good for them but bad for you. If you fail to pay for a Upgrade then You won’t be able to download your bank statements or Data from financial institutions that you were using Quickens online service with.

This all started with the Antivirus vendors and their yearly updates. You can look for more companies to follow suit. Most don�t tell you on the package that online services will be cut off eventually. They bury it in the EULA or somewhere else inside the package and once the software is opened you can�t take it back to a retail store in most cases. Microsoft and Intuit (Quicken) both do this.

You better Look Elsewhere
With todays Software applications becoming less reliant on the desktop and more reliant on Internet online features and updates, Companies can screw you anytime they want to. If you don’t want to get use to this every year or so cycle and Having to buy the next version, Then You Better Look Elsewhere to do your software shopping. I know I will be looking elsewhere in the future for my software



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