wireless theft Accessing Unsecured Wireless Networks

Accessing Unsecured Wireless Networks

May be Illegal

It can be illegal in Most states to Access Unsecured wireless Networks. You may ask, Is it legal to use another persons WiFi  Connection to access the internet? That depends on which state you live in, Even if you have permission it could be against the rules and regulations of the WiFi owners ISP.

Many ISP’s do not allow you to share your WiFi connection with others. They will cut you off if they find you are doing that and could prosicute those who do it for theft. Many have a policy of canceling your account if you have a WiFi router or access point that is unsecured.

Some say that accessing unsecured wifi networks is trespassing — It’s like entering a home or business without the owner’s permission. Just because the door is not locked, that doesn’t make it right to sneak in. it’s very easy for a non-techie user to turn on their laptop and connect to an unsecured wireless network. They may do it without knowing that they might be doing something wrong. It is recommend that you DON’T connect to unknown wireless networks, and that you always get permission from the operator of any wifi access point before connecting.

Below is a Link to the Laws of the different states regarding accessing unsecured computers and WiFi Networks.

Computer Hacking and Unauthorized Access Laws


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