Rebate Ripoff OCZ Technology & Newegg

In last week of November 2009 I purchased a OCZ ModXStream Pro 500W Modular Power Supply from The reason that I got this particular power supply was because it had a $25 rebate. I filed the rebate claim via email and filled out all of the dicumentation as per instructions on the OCZ rebate website. because rebates take generally 1 to 2 months I opted in to take $3 less for a no wait rebate which was to take about 10 days. (see below) To date I have not received my rebate. It has been over 6 weeks since I purchased the product and over a month since final approval of my rebate request. (see rebate status below). I have sent several emails to OCZ and NewEgg. NewEgg says they are checking on it. Finally got a answer from OCZ after 3 requests to their customer service. They said they will send the rebate next week. What in the Hell was the $3 for?

Beware, it is a ripoff to get a extra $3 out of your rebate. I don’t know if NewEgg is to blame too. I have been a long time customer of NewEgg and have spent several thousand dollars with them and never had a problem before with any rebates offered by them. You can bet that I will think twice before I buy another product from NewEgg that has a rebate you have to send to the manufacturer for. Its a Scam people don’t waste your money.

Here is a summary of your rebate registration:

Tracking Number:xxxxxxxxxxx
Rebate Offer: Receive $25 MIR on OCZ Technology PSU Product – &
Rebate Item : OCZ ModXStream Pro 500W Modular Power Supply
Rebate Item UPC number(s) : 842024009108
Rebate Award: $25.00
Service level No-Wait: $3.00
Final Award: $22.00

Here’s your rebate status information
Tracking Number: XXXXXXXXXX
Status Date
Email was sent for Confirmation 12/03/2009
Email was confirmed by the user 12/03/2009
Printed claim registration, awaiting receipt of documentation 12/03/2009
Documentation Received 12/14/2009
Claim was Approved 12/15/2009

Offer Code: OCZ2-6195
Rebate Reward: $25.00
No-Wait Fee: – $3.00
Final Reward: $22.00
Rebate Item:
OCZ ModXStream Pro 500W Modular Power Supply


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  1. Anonymous says: is also guilty of this

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