Rebate Ripoff Followup

This is a followup to my previous post about a rebate that I was supposed to get for a power supply made by OCZ Technology that I purchased from Newegg. I finally got the rebate today which is almost 2 months after buying the product from Newegg. it is also 15 days since they said they would send it and 12 days since they say it was sent. OCZ technology said in a email sent to me on the 8th of January 2010, that the rebate would be paid next week. Newegg who said they were investigating have never gotten back to me. It seems that both OCZ and Newegg don’t care. It appears to me that many merchants and manufacturers delay and do anything they can to keep from paying rebates and drag out the process as long as they can when they do pay. They advertise to get you to buy something and then stall in the hopes you will not pursue the issue. Well I got news for any of them, I am retired and I have the time to go after what has been promised. I wish that the government would step in and outlaw rebates or else make it manditory that any rebate was instant without waiting. My next step would have been to contact the better business bureau and the Internet fraud unit. I would have posted this on every site that I could, warning people about this kind of rebate ripoff. I finally got my rebate, But I am still not happy because of the delay and having to write so many emails to get some action.


About Mel

Retired PC Consultant, Education Certificate Novel Networking installation and configuration. PC Repair Configuration and Networking. Commercial Pilot, Avid RVer. Enjoy Traveling with my Wife in our Travel Trailer. South in the winter Az, Texas, and summers in Utah
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