Fix Ubuntu 10.04 Blank Screen Boot up

I stated in a Previous Post that Ubuntu 10.04 was not ready for the main stream users. I Still stand by that. I did find a fix from various sources on the Internet for the Blank screen at boot up when trying to use the live CD
or trying to install to the hard drive.. So in the interest of helping others with the same problem, here is what I found to solve my problem. This may or may not work for everyone although it has been tested with my Nvidia 6150 Le Video card and with a ATI Video Card.

If you can’t get a screen at all when booting the Live CD, then after the post try hitting the space bar while booting up. Once you get a purple screen that is bare with a couple small graphics things at the bottom, Then press F-6 this allows you to change or insert a couple of boot commands so you can boot up and get a screen to install or try the live CD. I removed the words “QUIET” and “SPLASH” and added “NOMODESET” at the tail end of the commands then continued to boot up with the live CD and was able to install the Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx. The next step is very important.

After the Install and at the first boot up when you get to the grub 2 Menu, You will have to modify it in order to keep from getting a blank screen. Press E to edit the boot commands. use the arrow keys and at the line that says “QUIET” “SPLASH” Remove those commands and insert “NOMODESET” then press CTRL +X to boot up (Instructions are at the edit screen). As soon as you get booted up to the desktop. go to the menu on the left top and click “SYSTEM” and on the drop down menu select “ADMINISTRATION” and then select “Hardware Drivers”. It will find the proprietary driver that it recommends for your hardware. Choose the correct driver and “ACTIVATE”. once that is done you should be able to boot up without a blank screen.

I do not know who to attribute these fixes to as I got them from many hours of searching on the Internet. So thanks to all who contributed these workarounds and fixes. There are still problems with Lucid Lynx, It was released to soon in MHO and not tested like it should have been. How could you expect a novice user or someone new to Linux trying to use it for the first time, to be able to boot up with a blank screen. Like me they would not know what to do without help. Most would just say Linux is no good and go back to Windows.

I hope that this will help someone and maybe keep a new user from going back to windows.


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2 Responses to Fix Ubuntu 10.04 Blank Screen Boot up

  1. ketan p says:

    display issue observations on nvidia graphics cardmy observations in after ubuntu 10.04 display issue.i ve been using karmic koala x86_64 with my nvidia 8400 gs graphics card. it worked fine.i upgraded to lucid lynx 4 weeks back. after tthe installation was complete, it wanted a restart. when i restarted it, i could not see anything, not even the bios, neither the grub. nothing. not even live cd worked. complete blank screen. i could though listen to the login sound.after i upgraded to lucid, the display was gone but i ve noted down some of my observations. these might help someone to figure out and fix the display problem.1. if you have nvidia version 173 driver activated and your desktop effects are at max level. after display try removing your laptop's battery and putting it back or completely power off your pc. this might just help and there wont be any display problem. whenever there is, repeat this trick.2. if you have installed nvidia current or 195.x and have activated it, it will ask for a restart. after restart the bios, the grub, ubuntu desktop, windows, live cd…. nothing works.SO THERE MUST BE PROBLEM IN VERSION 195 DRIVER3. i uninstalled jockey-gtk blindly from the command line. i logged into ubuntu , with alt+cntrl+f3 i got into text mode (note, the display wasnt still working.) i uinstalled using the commandCode:sudo aptitude remove jockey-gtk jockey-qti restarted and it worked. the display started after the splash screen. it got a pop up asking me a few options. i selected 'run in low graphics mode for this session only' and that was my biggest mistake. i should have reconfigured graphics at that point only.4. when i shut down that session and started next time, i could see the bios and grub. i was hoping for the display to work in ubuntu also, but it didnt. the display did not work next time onwards.5. if you have same problem as mine, i would say, dont shut down once you get display working, just put it by standby.6. the reason behind a completly blind display (no bios, no grub, no live cd, no lucid, no windows) is that my pc is not able to force my os into in low graphics mode. in some pcs, the ubuntu still works with low graphics mode.7. i ve tried FRAMEBUFFER, NOMODESET, XORG RECONFIGURING a lot. but none of them really worked.8. if by any mean i could login into safe graphics mode, i would be able to rescue my machine (which is completely unusable right now.)9. if by any means, i could reconfigure the xorg or display setting, i could login for at least one time with display working in low graphics mode.i guess i ve given a lot of information about this issue. if somebody could help me with these things1. starting ubuntu in low graphics mode (from command line)2. reconfiguring the xorg file (from command line only, i ve no gui, no display)p.s.- i dont have access to internet due to my blindnessthank you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    thanks a lot and lot for your help !

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