Yes There’s Something About Ubuntu 10.04

There’s Something About Ubuntu Screamed the Title on a article in Linux Insider, But I’m here to tell you It’s not all good.
Here is a quoted Excerpt from Linux Insider

That Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distro these days seems to be a matter of relatively little dispute, and certainly, it’s not hard to see why. The distro has a variety of features that make it particularly easy to use, especially for beginners.

That is not the case and is dreaming on someones part. While Ubuntu is probably one of the most popular Linux Distributions, It is by no means perfect. At one time I would have recommended it to a new person wanting to try a Linux Distribution, but not anymore. Why you might ask, well 1st of all they are rushing it out the door before it is ready. Many Bugs, Won’t work out of the box with many common Computers and Laptops. Problems with several Nvidia and ATI Graphics cards. I can see a person new to Linux trying to boot with a live CD or install Ubuntu 10.04 on his or her everyday common Compaq Desktop, Dell, HP or other computer only to have a Blank screen at boot up. They can hear it installing or see the hard drive light is blinking but the screen is blank. after several hours or maybe days of trying to get it to work, they throw up there hands and say to Hell with IT and go back to Windows. It is just not worth the time and trouble for most main stream computer users.

I would surmise that the developers and Canonical trying to make a deadline is shoving Ubuntu out the door before it is ready for the exposure to the main stream. I think they are doing the users and those who are new to Linux a great injustice. On top of that it leaves a sour taste and a bad impression on many who will never again try Linux. It is no wonder so many won’t give Linux a try, They have heard of the problems of a new user trying to install the latest and have heard that it has the reputation of being hard to use and install..

Don’t get me wrong I am a everyday user of Ubuntu and have it on 5 computers. I really like Linux and Ubuntu, but it makes me very angry when a Distribution is released not ready for the mainstream. 9.04 and 9.10 worked for me without a flaw and I never had the problems with graphics like in Ubuntu Lucid Lynx. It has worked on my computers since 8.04 every release. So why could it not work on the same computer with the so called latest and greatest Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx, without jumping through hoops to get it to boot without a blank screen. Yes I got the problem fixed, but most new users would have a hard time. There are still problems with this release and more will come to light as time goes on.

Lucid has many good things as well as some bad ones. I will save that for another post later.


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