Alternative Boot Loaders for Windows & Linux

If you are Dual or Multiple Booting distros and are using windows 7 or Vista as one of the OS’s you are booting, Then this is for you. A very simple and free (for personal use) bootloader called EASYBCD is available to download and install in your Win 7 or Vista OS. No more grub 2, Legacy Grub, or LiLo, to configure or mess with the MBR (Master Boot Record). With Easy BCD you install it and
then add whatever OS you want to boot to in a simple boot menu that comes up when you boot the computer or first start it up. You can set the number of seconds the menu is displayed and set which OS is the default. You can set it to boot any OS. I am multi booting 3 OS’s right now. Winjdows 7 as my default, Ubuntu Natty Narwal, and Fedora 15. Easy BCD will allow you to boot almost any OS including other versions of Window such as XP, 98, 95, Dos, Linux, BSD, Unix, OSX, and a couple of others. you can even boot from VHDs and ISOs on any edition of Windows. Easy BCD is a product of NeoSmart Technologies:
I had my MBR get messed up and could not get into Windows 7 so I had a backup of Easy BCD on a USB stick and was able to repair my MBR and boot into windows and restore my Easy BCD. I now use it instead of Grub2, Grub or LiLo.
below are some of the features.

  • Complete Windows 7 support (including the pretty-boot screen!)
  • Total redesign of the user interface to make the stuff you use more often easier to get to and easier to understand
  • Automatic configuration and one-click setup of Windows XP dual-boots. No more mucking around w/ boot.ini and NTDETECT + NTLDR
  • Support for multiple top-level Windows XP entries. You no longer need to go through a second NTLDR menu no matter how many XPs you have installed!
  • Support for GRUB2 and ext4fs (we’re looking at you, Ubuntu *glare*)
  • Boot from ISO images and Virtual Harddisk (vhd) files!
  • Create bootable USB drives!
  • Change the boot drive on your system (including all the partition management stuff) with one click!
  • Rewritten OS X support (yes, again *sigh*)
  • EasyBCD BIOS Extender to let you boot from network devices, specific hard disks, USBs, and more even if your BIOS doesn’t support it (thanks to PLoP integration)
  • Support for multiple top-level GRLDR entries (in the same vein as XP entries above)
  • Improved boot device detection, EasyBCD always runs, even if your boot device is inaccessible or the BCD isn’t installed!
  • Loading indicator for lengthy operations
  • Better support for loading and managing external BCD stores
  • Complete EasyBCD portability. Just tell the installer where to stick it, and you’re set!
  • Improved high DPI support
  • Ability to create safe-mode entries
  • Improved MBR repair, BCD repair, and more!

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Retired PC Consultant, Education Certificate Novel Networking installation and configuration. PC Repair Configuration and Networking. Commercial Pilot, Avid RVer. Enjoy Traveling with my Wife in our Travel Trailer. South in the winter Az, Texas, and summers in Utah
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