Windows 8 Dual Boot with Windows 7 Part 1

Win 8 Dual Boot with Win 7

Installed Win 8 Customer Preview today. Before I get to the meat of the subject, let me give a brief rundown of my computer so that you will know what platform I installed it on.
The Computer is a plain store bought Compaq 4 years old with a AMD 64 dual core cpu, 4 gigs of Ram, and a 500 Gb sata Hard Drv, Nvidia built in graphics, Realtech Sound, Altech Lancing Speakers and Sub Wolfer, A 26 inch Vizio HDTV. Yes a 26 inch TV not a monitor as per say. It is what I use for a monitor. (works great for these tired old eyes). Now on with the install details.

I downloaded the ISO from Microsoft Because I wanted to install it clean in its own partition and dual boot with Windows 7. The ISO was 3.3 Gb and downloaded in about 34 minutes on my broadband cable connection. I burned it to a DVD using a 3rd party program called Image Burn. It’s free and a Excellent Program. I had a extra partition already on my hard drive. So I did not have to resize a partition. Windows 8 requires a NTFS partition by the way. I put the DVD in the drive and Booted the Computer. I held the Esc key down during boot up and chose to boot from the DVD Drive.

After a short time I got a screen with a beta (fighting Fish) in the center of it. I guess the fish means that it is beta software. It then gave me a warning and all of the usual disclaimers. I put in the product key and told it to do a custom install. I chose the partition where I wanted it installed and told it I wanted win 7 as the default OS to boot to. The install was straight forward without a hitch and it even went online to check for updates while installing. There were none. It booted a couple of times and configured all of my hardware.
I have to say I was impressed. The install took about 35 – 40 minutes total, which from past experience with Microsoft windows was a short fast install. It was not the hour or 2 hours that a lot of people were telling me. However this was a clean install and not a upgrade. I was also surprised when it booted up there was a menu with all of my windows and Linux OS’s and the second Hard drive with a vanilla win7 on it.
I use Easy BCD as a boot manager which works great with Windows 7. Windows 8 picked that up and all of my OS’s are on a menu at boot up so I can choose which one I want to boot to. The boot time was faster than win 7. It took me a little bit to get use to navigating around in Windows 8. Anyone with a handheld Ipod, Ipad, or smart phone should not have any problem navigating. After a short time I discovered how to get to a desktop to what I am use to. So far it is snappy and fast. I added a few of my favorite Apps. Google Chrome, Firefox, Thunderbird, and a couple of others.
I will write more about my experience in Part 2 when I have time to explore some more and find some of the quirks. So far I am surprised and impressed with the installation and how smooth it went.


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Retired PC Consultant, Education Certificate Novel Networking installation and configuration. PC Repair Configuration and Networking. Commercial Pilot, Avid RVer. Enjoy Traveling with my Wife in our Travel Trailer. South in the winter Az, Texas, and summers in Utah
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