Google Not Supporting Linux Users with Picasa?

I went to install Picasa Today on a new Install of Linux. To my great surprise, Picasa 3.0 no Longer works with Linux. In reading several posts in various linux forums and in the picasa forum. I find several saying that Google has dropped support for the Linux users. If that is true then I think It is time for Google to start giving back and supporting the Linux users. How hard can it be for them with all their resource’s to either port Picasa to linux or at least fix the new version with wine so it can be installed with Apt and RPM or tarballs. I run windows 7 as well and run several web and blog sites 3 of which are on blogger. I also have several apps and use twitter and facebook. I need to have Picasa in Suse Linux. It makes me feel that Google has forgotten us linux users or else don’t care about us. I see they are supporting Apple. Why not us linux user’s? I am very angry and upset at google.


About Mel

Retired PC Consultant, Education Certificate Novel Networking installation and configuration. PC Repair Configuration and Networking. Commercial Pilot, Avid RVer. Enjoy Traveling with my Wife in our Travel Trailer. South in the winter Az, Texas, and summers in Utah
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