First Impressions Ubuntu 12.04 AMD 64

Before I get to my First Impressions a little background story is in order. When Ubuntu first came out with the Unity Desktop I quit using it.THis after after using Ubuntu almost from it’s first inception. I then went to Mint, But found it to would not work on a lot of newer and older hardware and it was slow slow. So I went back to using Windows 7 except when traveling and then I used Mint on a Laptop. While helping a friend find a linux distro that would work on his old Dell Laptop (see Previous Articles on this blog). I happened to run Across Suse. I used Suse for many Years from about version 5.4 up to 10.1 Most were the commercial versions. I thought why not try it again, so I Downloaded and Installed it and was impressed by it. While discussing it in one of the forums, I got interested in trying out some of the other Distro’s and decided to try Debian Again.
It was a Disaster for me and my ATI Card. Scratch Debian off of my list. I then decided to Give the latest Ubuntu a try. Ubuntu 12.04 was just released a few days ago so I downloaded the X86 AMD64 Version. What follows are my first impressions.
I downloaded the ISO took a long time even with Utorrent, Lots of people still downloading and the servers are busy. Got it downloaded and burned to a CD. Started the install and checked download updates while installing. It took 40 minutes to install (probably some of that was the time downloading install updates)
The first thing I ran into after the install was Restricted driver was needed for my graphics card. No problem I thought, I just clicked on Activate the FGLRX (post release) driver. No Go that one did not work after 20 minutes of download time. Tried the other driver that was listed FGLRX and it installed. when I checked system Info it says my ATI Card is using Vesa 880 go figure. Will have to check that out later although the proprietary driver did improve the graphics.
The second thing was no Synaptic. I guess they figure that the Software center was enough. I like Synaptic so I downloaded from the Software Center no problem. Then it needed to get updates. 71 Mb of updates plus a new Kernel. You would think a just released version would not need so many updates.
The third thing was trying to install Google Chrome. Whew! what a chore it turned out to be. Something went wrong with the install after I downloaded the latest stable package. It corrupted the Catalog and I could not uninstall or install any software until I got it fixed. There is a util that tried to fix or repair the catalog but it bogged down my computer and cut off my Internet. So I shut down the computer and took a break. Came back a while later rebooted into Ubuntu and could not find the terminal so I could run Apt Commands. Not being familiar with where things are in this unity desktop I finalldid a search and found the gnome terminal. Lucky it was installed. I pinned (Ubuntu calls it locked) to the Launcher where I could find it. I ran “apt-get install -f” and that solved the problem. I did a reinstall of Chrome and everything went OK. One of the things I like about Crhome is the fact that it imports all of my settings and Extensions.
The fourth thing I did was import all of my settings and extensions into Thunderbird and Firefox. I have played around with it for a hour or so now trying to learn and find where everything is. I still need to download some apps that I use all of the time. Maybe I will go back to using it if I can get everything especially My graphics working the way I want. All in All I am starting to like it. I was just getting use to the Suse Desktop which I really like, But I miss Aptitude. Suse has Zypper which I have not yet learned how to use. All in All I think Ubuntu has a winner if you can get use to the unity desktop.
I will write more later after I have used it for awhile and have given it a good shakedown.


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Retired PC Consultant, Education Certificate Novel Networking installation and configuration. PC Repair Configuration and Networking. Commercial Pilot, Avid RVer. Enjoy Traveling with my Wife in our Travel Trailer. South in the winter Az, Texas, and summers in Utah
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