Repairing Toshiba P35 dc jack or Bringing old Laptop back to Life

I had a old model Toshiba P35 Laptop with 17 inch screen. I paid a lot of money for it back in 2006, and did not want to throw it away. It was not used much. It has a p-4 CPU and 2 GB Ram. About 3 years ago I started having problems charging the battery and it would die on me in the middle of doing some work. I bought a new charger which did not solve the problem. So I set it aside and used my Toshiba with 15 inch screen. I thought about it over the years and as my old eyes got weaker I thought about resurrecting the Toshiba Laptop with the 17 inch screen. I bought a new battery for it and still no luck. I then found out that the dc jacks on many different laptops Toshiba being the most notorious, had problems charging staying connected cutting out and dead batteries. I went on the Internet looking for a fix.

Here is what I found out. I could buy the dc jack from several vendors with prices ranging from $3.95 to $29 (it pays to shop around.
I then found a couple of places that would do the repairs and furnish the parts for $100, but you had to pay shipping both ways as none were close to me and they wanted $50 for shipping on their end. This would mean about $200 cost to me. I decided to check locally. One company advertised fix any laptop plus parts for $49 So I went there and was informed that they could not do Micro Soldering and would have to send it to their main warehouse. I asked what it would cost and they said $229. I said no thanks and walked out. Went to Best Buy and was told they would only repair it by replacing the motherboard $250 Plus labor. No thanks. I ordered the dc jack and got it in a week.

Fast Forward
I went on the Internet and found a web site called and got instructions on how to disassemble my Toshiba P35 Laptop. The instructions were very thorough with pictures and caveats. Excellent Site. I then bought a soldering Iron, flux, solder sucker, solder braid or wick. It took about an hour to do the job and I had my computer back. saved big bucks. My total cost was $30 for parts and materials.

Links  Disassembly Instructions  How to Desolder  Laptop DC Jack  Desoldering Pump

Desoldering Braid or Wick can be purchased at Radio Shack or most Electronics Stores


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