Looking for light weight Linux Distro

It has been a long time since I’ve wrote anything in this blog. I’ve been busy with my other blogs on RVing and Motor Homes. I got bored the other day, and it has been to cold to do anything outside other than to shovel snow. LoL! so I decided to try and find a light weight Linux desktop that was easy on resources, easy to install , with only a few of the essential programs. I found that many of the ones I down loaded and tried were Junk, did not recognize hardware on a 4 year HP Laptop and 10 year old Home Brewed Desktop computer. first off the good ones.

1. Linux Mint Cinnamon Desktop 17.3 (Rosa): Excellent choice and the very best Distro available in MHO. It is easy to install and has everything to do the job. I use it for everything and is on all of my computers as the Main Distribution for everyday work. The Cinnamon version is heavy on resources, and the Linux Mint with the Mate Desktop, may be suited for less powerful or slower computers.

2. Linux Mint Mate Desktop 17.3 (Rosa): Lite weight and uses the Mint Mate Desktop. Slightly faster on my computers than Cinnamon version. Not as resource intensive. Still looking for something a little faster for my Laptop.

3. Linux Mint XFCE Desktop 17.3 (Rosa): Faster on my computers than Cinnamon, But not as fast as Mate.

4. Exton Extix 16.1 with QT desktop and Exton 4.3 Kernel Fastest one of the bunch tested.

5. Parsix (Latest Version) was not impressed still needs work.

6. Q4OS Shows Promise, But is under development.

 7. Fedora 23 Gnome Desktop. Very nice and the best version yet. Was fast and stable on my Main Computer. I am not a fan of Fedora, but this one is worth considering. It is not Light weight though.

8. SuSe 42.1 (Leap) KDE Desktop: Still very Bloated and Resource Hungry. Very polished, But not for a Light weight Distro.

9. LXLE  1404.3 This is one of my favorites. It would be a good Light weight distro if it wasn’t so bloated with games and unnecessary programs and a few dangerous one such as Bleach. It is still my favorite after Mint.

Now for the Bad. The following Distro’s are supposed to be light weight and for Older Machines.

1. Vector Linux 7.1 Velocity. Vector use to be a very good fast distro based on Slackware. I don’t know what has happened, but the last 2 versions will not recognize the video cards in my computers. All of the above Distro Do with out having to make modifications or down load drivers to try and get it to work. For a Distro that is supposed to run on older hardware, It does not work out of the Box. I will not waste my time downloading it again.

2. Linux Lite 2.8 Beta This use to be a excellent lite weight Distro, But the Dev’s have shot there self in the foot by changing the Grub boot loader for MS Windows. It will not boot if you are only running Linux Distros Without a bunch of changes to make it boot. I was unable to get it to boot and their forum was unfriendly giving the standard read the docs or do a search in the forum. If it won’t boot after wasting my time downloading and installing, Then I have no use for it. I had great hope for it, But without answers to solve the problem it is bye bye.

By all means this was not a scientific evaluation of the above Distro, but is my own humble opinion. As a long time Linux user I expect any Distro to work out of the box without modification before the install. If the first 9 above Distro’s work out of the box, install and boot without problems on all of my computers, then the others should too. There are to many wanna be Devs out there not producing good code for the distro they are working on.



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Retired PC Consultant, Education Certificate Novel Networking installation and configuration. PC Repair Configuration and Networking. Commercial Pilot, Avid RVer. Enjoy Traveling with my Wife in our Travel Trailer. South in the winter Az, Texas, and summers in Utah
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